Nail Tech

Polishing nails is a pass-time, what we do is create an experience cultivated on the craft and talent of each individual. While we appreciate your ability to paint within the lines of someone’s nails, we’re looking for people who enjoy being creative in their approach to what can be an art form in an environment that’s comfortable and sanitary. Mainly, we want you to enjoy what you do and be a place of work that provides that opportunity for you.


We believe skin to be our most important accessory and want a team promoting that belief in others. When it comes to skin – one size does NOT fit all and we need people who are willing to find the right things for each client’s needs. We are not in the business of neither slapping products on nor tearing things off. Whether performing a skin, waxing, spray tan or lash service we want each client’s experience to be reflective of the quality products and practices we promote with the added benefit of the talent and passion each individual brings. This makes each individual’s training both internally and externally all the more imperative – which is why we invest in both.

Front Desk

As the first and often the last point of contact, our front desk represents the voice of the team and delivers a lasting impression of our brand. We cannot emphasize the importance of precision, person-ability and professionalism this role requires as it navigates both happy and unhappy humans. Needing both a thick skin and the ability to create instant safety with clients, this role is vital to our success. As a springboard to other internal opportunities, we need people willing to take on the responsibilities of this role with diligence to adapt to the need.